Payroll Outsourcing

Our dependable and flexible Payroll Outsourcing services are designed to meet the requirements of any labor and tax law, as well as the requirements of management and financial role of any business. Our services include complete info on personal and salary details for every employee. When you choose Omega Consulting Payroll Outsourcing as your Employer of Record, you get all the added advantages of hiring contingent workers without any potential risk. This is due to the reason that Omega Consulting assumes all administrative duty and obligation for all our clients’ contingent workers.

We are known and trusted as a leading Payroll Outsourcing brand by companies nationwide. Whether you are hiring a large number of contingent employees, or just a few contract staffs, let Omega Consulting aid you where it really matters. Using Omega Consulting Payroll Outsourcing services for your contingent workforce gives you the following noteworthy bottom-line benefits:

  • Decrease weekly payroll processing workload
  • Increased revenue and Insurance coverage
  • International payroll capabilities
  • Lowered overhead costs
  • New hire paperwork
  • Prompt notification and Excellent Timekeeping
  • Reduced Risk and Workers’ compensation
  • Weekly payroll processing, billing and collections

More importantly, Omega Consulting liberates you from the risks and managerial problems associated with complex payroll systems. As your Payroll Outsourcing company, Omega Consulting manages every facet of your payroll system, guaranteeing reliability, precision and total acquiescence. Get rid of HR pains and regain useful time during busy work hours. When you choose Omega Consulting as your Payroll Outsourcing company, you are free to concentrate more on your employees and other urgencies.

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