School Management Consulting

Omega Consulting is a boutique human resource consulting firm and we provide excellent School Management Consulting Services.  Our consultants have the needed experience in a wider range of School Management and other related activities, to provide excellent solutions to your school Management needs. We have the needed expertise to work with clients in small, mid-sized and large-sized school setting, as well as other variations. Through our strong partnership with clients, we have designed and implemented various Human Resource solutions that produce efficient and effective results, offering a solid Return on Investment (ROI), and increase the overall profitability of the organization. At Omega Consulting, our excellent School Management Consulting Services provide Private School Management and Operation Consulting Services from Kg to grade 12. Our well-structured and tailored made plans are designed to directly spearhead the growth of your new school with all of the key phases of formation and establishment to become a world class international school. Our School Management Consulting Services includes:

  • Budgeting, Financial and Cost Management
  • Curriculum, Programming, And Learning Management
  • Corporate Governance and Regulatory Standards
  • Feasibility Study and Business Plan
  • Human Resources and Recruitment Management
  • Marketing, Promotion, and Enrollment
  • Performance Management
  • Private School Formation
  • Regulatory Standards
  • Restructuring and organizing schools (policies and procedures)
  • Scale Grading and teachers benefits
  • Site/Facility Planning and Procurement (For New Facility)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Student Management and Infrastructure
  • Teachers Development & Training

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