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Who is Omega?

Omega Consulting is a premium management consultancy firm located in Amman Jordan. Since 2014, we have helped shape great establishments by aiding clients attain world class operating excellence through consulting services, training and payroll outsourcing. We influence expertise, individuals, and procedures to drive longstanding value. With an industry-leading client retaining rate, we bring a superior client practice by uniting expert consultancy, devoted client support with a supple, and tailor-made talent management system. We are also certified by Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants (AASBC), a global association focused on training and certification of small business and SME.

Our Mission

Our mission is to aid clients execute superior management strategies in a concise and effective manner to yield outstanding outcomes.

Our Vision

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of operational process driven by innovation, loyal clienteles, and outstanding profitability.

Our Values

  • INITIATIVES: Undertaking initiatives help an organization transform into a leader of the market. Our team of professionals is our asset and has given the company the much-required thrust to succeed.
  • EXCELLENCE: We enthusiastically give our best service that exceeds expectations, and strive for optimal efficiency and professionalism in all that we do.
  • COMMITMENT: We ensure that we stick to the most basic value of the company and remain committed to nourishing the business.
  • RESPECT: We treat everyone with the highest level of dignity, honesty, and respect and pursue win-win solutions.

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